Welcome to Astraxx


Astraxx or popularly known as Astraxx Guidelines started its journey in 2013. The main purpose of this page is to help people across the Globe to find best ways and means to overcome day to day problems of life through experiential learnings. Astraxx works towards motivating and inspiring humans through different means by bringing out the positives vibes which remain hidden within and is not recognized by people due to situational environments on a day to day basis.

Astraxx tries to understand people’s problem through various experiential techniques and provide suitable ways which are required to reduce sufferings and enjoy the journey of infinite possibilities called “Life”.

Worlds of innovation

The World of Innovation is a place where innovative ideas merge with the desire and hope to create a better world. New technology is an ever-changing landscape that offers us unconventional solutions to real-world problems.

Location is everything

Truer words were never spoken. Where you live pretty much determines how you live.It has a direct impact on time spent commuting, access to facilities, time available for pursuing hobbies…….simply put location determines the quality of life !!

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